Kjell Andersen Berg was born September 18th in 1937

After obtaining a university degree of veterinary medicine in 1962, Kjell practised as a veterinarian for approximatly five years.

From 1967 he has been working within the field of animal reproduction at the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science. During most of his time he worked with artificial insemination in different species of domestic animals including cattle, sheep, goat, swine, horse and dog as well as in fox (silver and bleu fox).

Kjell has been involved in the development of new insemination techniques and of special protocols for cryopreservation of domestic canine and fox sperm, as well as semen from other domestic animals including fish. Furthermore, he has been engaged in functional aspects of testicular morphology both at the histological and the ultra-structural level in both animal and humn medical science, and during the last years he has been involved in studies of endocrine disruptors and their effect on the male genital organs and semen quality.

In 1979 he completed his thesis :  » Ultrastructural studies of spermatozoa, spermatogenic cells and Leydig cells in the Bleu Fox (Alopex lagopus) with some reference to functional aspects », and Kjell was awarded the degree of dr.med.vet. (free doctorate degree corresponding to dr. Habil. or dr. Philos).

In 1985 he obtained a full professorship in andrology and artificial insemination at the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science, dept. of reproduction. He has supervised a number of PhD students in subjects such as canine reproduction, andrology and artificial insemination. In addition to contributions to textbooks in animal reproduction and numerous educational and popular publications, he is the first author or co-authorof totally 67 peer-reviewed scientific articles.

During the AGM in Dublin (sept. 7th 2003), Prof. Kjell Andersen Berg was appointed honorary member of the EVSSAR for his contribution to carnivore reproduction, especially in canine artificial insmination, fox spermatogenesis and male sexual function.

He was a fellow Diplomat of the European College of Animal Reproduction.

He was married to Karin Andersen who is a Professor of zoology at the University of Oslo. They have two children and five grandchildren.