Renew Membership

To renew your membership, please pay annually the membership fee, preferably in the beginning of the year, to maintain all the members’ benefits. 

The membership fee can be paid via PayPal ( or bank transfer (please see below).

Regular annual fee is 80€

For residents and PhD students the fee is 40€

Please note that all expenses should be paid by the sender.

The account information is as follows: 
Name Beneficiary : EVSSAR 
Bank Name: Belfius Bank NV, Pachecolaan 44, 1000 Brussel, Belgium 
Account Number: IBAN: BE18 0682 2313 2965 – Currency Code Euro 

Please write your “LAST AND FIRST NAME AND YEAR” to the information field, this will help a lot handling the payment later, thank you.

If your email address changes, please inform us to receive the newsletters.

Membership of the European Veterinary Society for Small Animal Reproduction entitles you to a reduced registration fee for the annual meeting of the Society, a reduced subscription price to the official journal of the Society: “Reproduction in Domestic Animals”, access to the EVSSAR library, reduced fee to the EVSSAR courses and other EVSSAR activities.

Please note that, according to the bylaws, the rights of a member depend on the payment of the membership fee, before the due date, which is at least 30 days before the annual general assembly.