Position for a full-time small animal repro clinician at Alfort Veterinary College

The small animal reproduction clinical unit of the École Nationale Vétérinaire d’Alfort (Paris, France) is looking for a full-time Senior Clinician or, failing that, a Junior Clinician to complete its team, which is currently made up of a full professor, an assistant professor, a senior clinician, a junior clinician and a nurse.

The reproduction clinical unit has two consultation rooms and a fully equipped laboratory (microscopes, CASA for sperm evaluation, two highly effective ultrasound scanners, endoscopes for intrauterine inseminations, etc.) as well as access to several fully equipped surgical blocks. The department also runs a canine semen bank and regularly exchanges chilled and frozen semen.

The duties of the Small Animal Reproduction Clinician will be to carry out – mostly in the presence of students – the consultations (pathology of the genital organs, obstetrics and neonatology, assisted reproduction) as well as routine surgical procedures on the reproductive system (castrations, ovariectomies and ovario-hysterectomies, surgery of the mammary-glands) or, if desired, more complex surgical procedures. The Clinician will be involved in the clinical research and in the scientific publications. He/she will participate in department meetings and journal clubs.

Expected skills : knowledge of veterinary practice, particularly in the field of reproduction. Proven skills in gynaecological surgery. A level of veterinary specialist (ECAR or ACT diplomate or with more than 3 years experience in reproduction), or board eligible would be ideal for this position, but junior clinicians may send their application. Knowledge of French language, even at a basic level, will be appreciated but is not mandatory.

The salary offered will depend on the candidate’s experience.

For any question or to send your application, please contact:

-Dr Nicolas Nudelmann : nicolas.nudelmann@vet-alfort.fr

-Prof. Alain Fontbonne : alain.fontbonne@vet-alfort.fr

– Dr Cindy Maenhoudt : cindy.maenhoudt@vet-alfort.fr

PhD studentship in canine embryology-RVC

This 3-year PhD studentship project aims to refine our previous and recent ground-breaking work on dog IVM in order to define the fundamental processes that regulate canine oocyte nuclear and cytoplasmic maturation and the critical processes that affect the oocyte during the post-ovulatory (oviductal) period. Further, the project will optimize key steps in canine ART to enable the techniques to be used routinely within our wider and future translational programs.

On this link you can find more details: https://www.rvc.ac.uk/study/postgraduate/phd/studentships/canine_embryology 

Small Animal Reproduction Internship San Marco Veterinary Clinic and Laboratory

San Marco Veterinary Clinic is offering a one-year Small animal reproduction Internship position for someone who has a keen interest for Reproductive and pediatric medicine and would like to get a deeper knowledge.

Submitting an application: Please submit your CV together with a short covering letter and 2 references
letters to Dr. Lluis Ferré-Dolcet at riproduzione@sanmarcovet.it or formazione@sanmarcovet.it at the attention of Dr. Ferré Dolcet.

Referees will only be contacted prior to an interview. 

Please click here for more details.

Application deadline: 15th November 2021

Interviews: December 2021

Available vacancies at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Ghent, Belgium

Full-time resident position in Small Animal Reproduction

Small Animal Reproduction Vacancy – RESIDENT position (European College of Animal Reproduction) at the department of Reproduction, Obstetrics and Herd Health, Ghent University (Belgium).

Position opened for 1 year and may be extended for a total of 3 years upon satisfaction of both parties.

For more details please click here.

Full-time research assistant position in Small Animal Reproduction

The Clinic of Small Animal Reproduction, Ghent University, in Merelbeke, Belgium, is offering a position for a full time researcher/clinical assistant, starting from 1st of October 2021 (starting date is negotiable). The initial contract is for two years, but may be extended twice to reach a total of six years to allow for completion of a PhD.

For more details please click here.

Department of Reproduction at Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences – Post Doc Position

Department of Reproduction at Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences  and Leading Research Group “InnoWet” welcomes to apply for Post Doc Position regarding EU-funded Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship in 2021 (MSCA-PF-2021). 

Current research of Department of Reproduction focuses on:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of fertility disorders in animals
  • Application of Assisted Reproductive Technology in domestic and endangered animal species (artificial insemination, cryobanking, IVM, IVF/ICSI, IVC)
  • Advanced methods of germ cells assessment (fluorochromes, flow cytometry, CASA)
  • Semiochemical communication between animals in the context of reproduction
  • Reproductive problems in herds of ruminants (mastitis, pregnancy, parturition, postpartum)

We are involved mostly in research projects regarding: application of biotechnological methods in reproduction of dogs, domestic cats and wild feline species; modification of the antioxidant defence system and the properties of cell membranes of birds preserved spermatozoa and evaluation of the influence of the various factors on the behaviour and physiology of the animals.

Who may apply

  • The postdoctoral fellows must hold a doctoral degree (no longer than 8 years prior 15. September 2021 – the call deadline).
  • The postdoctoral fellow may be of any nationality. No age restrictions apply.
  • The postdoctoral fellow cannot have resided or carried out his/her main activity (work, studies, etc.) in Poland for more than 12 months in the three years prior to the call.

Interested applicants are invited to send the expression of interest consisting of:

  • a one-page cover letter outlining research area, project idea and how he/she could contribute to research profile of Department of Reproduction
  • a CV (including a publication list)

Please send the expression of interest by 30th May 2021 to wojciech.nizanski@upwr.edu.pl

If you have any administrative questions, please contact the International Research Office at UPWr: international.research@upwr.edu.pl

You may find details on the link: https://upwr.edu.pl/en/research/post-doc-offer/msca-postdoctoral-fellowship-veterinary-reproduction

Kind regards

Wojciech Niżański


Doctoral School in Wroclaw – Call for PhD students

Dear Friends,

We would like to inform you that the Doctoral School in Wroclaw announces the call for PhD student on-line applications for PhD study under the co-supervision of prof. Alain Fontbonne and prof. Wojciech Niżański.

The subject of PhD is «  Mechanisms of reproductive aging – studies on domestic dog (Canis familiaris) as model animal« .

We would be happy if somebody were interested in. We  would also like to ask you to spread this information, please.

Deadline: May 31st ⏰

Procedure and requirements are available on our website:

 Details are included under the link: https://upwr.edu.pl/en/research/upwr-doctoral-school



click “Agricultural Sciences->than “Discipline Veterinary”->than prof. Wojciech Nizanski



 Kind regards,

Wojciech Nizanski and Alain Fontbonne

PhD position in canine reproduction at the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine

PhD position announcement at the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine. Please click here for more details!

OPEN POSITION at the University of Milan

OPEN POSITION at the University of Milan for 1 candidate for application to the PhD Program in Veterinary and Animal Science of the University of Milan – Class 36 2020/21. The appointments are on a full-time basis for a period of 3 years.

Applicants must have excellent degree scores in Animal Science, Biology, Biotechnology or related fields, possess scientific curiosity, a strong work ethic and be willing to work in a multicultural environment. Previous research experience in reproductive/developmental biology lab as well as molecular biology will be considered an advantage.

Project: Feline ovarian tissue banking: a cryopreservation-culture combined approach for female germplasm conservation. Tutor: Gaia Cecilia Luvoni, DVM, PhD, Dipl ECAR

Information on the application procedure can be found at: https://www.unimi.it/en/education/postgraduate-programmes/doctoral-programmes-phd/ay-2020/2021-veterinary-and-animal-science  and 


Please note that the access to the PhD Program is through a public competition and candidates will be assessed by an independent Examination Board which will evaluate the CV, the research project submitted by the candidate and a final interview.

Application Deadline: September 14, 2020, 15.00 (GMT)

Enrollment: starting date: Oct 12-16, 2020.

New positions available at Vetsuisse Faculty, University of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland

A postdoctoral position is available in the Group of Reproductive Biology of the Institute of Veterinary Anatomy. Please click here for details.

A Research and Teaching Associate Position is available in the Institute of Veterinary Anatomy. Please click here for details.

New position at Vetsuisse Faculty  available!

The Vetsuisse Faculty offers a part-time position (60-80%) for an experienced Veterinarian to join their team at The Section of Small Animal Reproduction of the Vetsuisse Faculty Zurich. Besides the clinical work, the candidate should be interested in teaching and conducting clinical research.
The possibility for higher academic qualification (Habilitation) is offered. Together with other team members, the candidate will be responsible for the management of our daily patients, as well as for managing the emergency cases, including C-sections and treatment of critically ill neonates. More info can be found at EVSSAR’s website.

Please click here for more details.

Internship on small animal reproduction

A one-year internship orientated on small animals reproduction is
now open at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital of the Veterinary Faculty –
University of Liège- Belgium. More details can be found here.

For additional information please contact Prof. Stefan Deleuze

December 2016 proposition

 New chair of Reproductive Medicine for dogs and cats in Hannover at the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Foundation:


July 2016 proposition

PhD position announcement Fetal and neonatal programming in dog: Influence of gestation and first days of life on canine neonatal health Toulouse Vet School (France), NeoCare – INRA (UMR 1225)

Postdoctoral Position Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Baltimore, Maryland

Our lab is located within the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department of Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (Baltimore, Maryland, USA). We are seeking a focused and motivated scientist that has completed their PhD in the field of Cell and Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Cancer Biology or related fields and is looking to continue their training as a post-doctorate researcher.

Our lab is funded by the NIH (NICHD and NIGMS) to assess genome maintenance (DNA repair, recombination and chromosome segregation) during mitosis and meiosis.

The ideal candidate will have experience in mouse genetics and mammalian cell culture. An application will also be bolstered by knowledge in methods such as fluorescence microscopy (live cell imaging and/or immunofluorescence microscopy), immuno-histology, molecular biology (DNA cloning, RT-PCR and protein expression/purification), co-immunoprecipitation and yeast two hybrid.

Requirements for application: The applicant’s CV, a short statement outlining the interest in this position and future career goals and contact information for at least three references should be forwarded to Dr. Philip Jordan, pjordan8@jhu.edu.
Interviews will be arranged following evaluation of these materials. Johns Hopkins
University is an equal opportunity employer. Please visit:

Postdocroral Position Department of Animal Science Michigan State University  East Lansing, Michigan

POSTDOCTORAL POSITION available to study mechanisms regulating mammalian oogenesis and early embryogenesis, addressing exciting questions such as transcriptional control, developmental programming, determinants of oocyte and embryo quality, and cell lineage formation i. Successful candidate will benefit from working within the dynamic and growing Reproductive and Developmental Sciences Program here at MSU (http://rdsp.canr.msu.edu). Studies may involve a combination of advanced embryology, cell biology and molecular techniques, including micromanipulation and microsurgery, genetic analyses, transcriptome and pathway analysis, protein expression studies, epigenetic studies, and methods for manipulating gene expression.
Experience in microscopy, microinjection, embryo manipulation or molecular biology is a plus. NIH salary scale applies. Send CV and references to Dr. Keith Latham, Department of Animal Science, Michigan State University, 474 S. Shaw Lane, East Lansing, MI 48824; tel. 517-353-7750; email: lathamk1@msu.edu. Michigan State University is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Postdoctoral position Physiology of Ganadotrope Axis Laboratory University of Paris 7 Paris, France

The Physiology of Gonadotrope Axis Laboratory at University Paris 7, Paris, France
is recruiting a talented, proactive postdoctoral researcher to study the molecular pathogenesis underlying granulosa cell tumors of the ovary in vitro and on a mouse model of the disease. In particular, the successful candidate will have to evaluate the potential benefits of selective drugs targeting the estrogenic pathway and/or aberrantly activated signaling pathways. Core facilities of our University such as High resolution small animal ultrasound imaging offer the ideal environment to lead this project successfully.

To be considered, candidates should have:
– A PhD in areas of Physiology, Reproductive Biology, Endocrinology, followed or not by a postdoctoral experience.
– Expertise in basic molecular biology and cell culture.
– Training and experience with animal procedures, including murine colony management, genotyping, injections.
– Notable pre-doctoral accomplishments, with at least one first author publication in first-rate journals.
– Excellent communication skills, particularly ability to comprehend spoken English.

This two-year position will be available from December 2016.

Please apply before April 15th with a letter summarizing previous work experience,
personal strengths and future interests, a resume, and contact information from
at least one professional reference.

For more information, please contact celine.guigon@univ-paris-diderot.fr

Senior Faculty Position in Reproductive/Developmental Biology Michigan State University East Lansing, Michigan

As part of the Global Impact Initiative, Michigan State University is making a significant investment to advance research in reproductive and developmental biology. MSU has a growing cohort of well-funded, highly interactive faculty involved in research and discovery at the interface of human and animal infertility, developmental origins of health and disease and causes and remediation of adverse pregnancy outcomes which form the foundation of the MSU Reproductive and Developmental Sciences Program http://rdsp.canr.msu.edu/. Applications are currently being accepted for a tenured faculty position at the Associate Professor or Professor level. The ideal candidate will be committed to interdisciplinary and collaborative research that complements current focal areas within the Reproductive and Developmental Sciences Program.

Individuals with a PhD, MD, DVM, or a combination of advanced degrees and an established track record of scholarship, extramural funding and expertise in all areas of mammalian reproductive and developmental biology are encouraged to apply. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to: Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine, Gonadal Function/Reproductive Tract Biology, Early Development, Pre/Postnatal Developmental Programming, Epigenetic Regulation of the Reproductive Axis and Environmental Impact on Reproduction.

Selected candidate will be expected to maintain a strong, extramurally funded research program, contribute to leadership and mentoring of junior faculty in the Reproductive and Developmental Sciences program and contribute to graduate education in their area of expertise. Appointments will be on an academic year basis and could be on either the East Lansing or Grand Rapids campus and within the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, College of Human Medicine and (or) other partner colleges, depending on candidate’s research interests and expertise. Selected candidate will be supported by state-of-the-art research facilities, expert administrative and scientific staff and by MSU’s strong track record of commitment to research growth and excellence. Generous start-up funds will be provided and salary is negotiable.

To apply, applicants must submit an application at the MSU Human Resources site at https://jobs.msu.edu (posting #2861) and upload a curriculum vitae, summary of research accomplishments and future research objectives (3-5 pages), brief description of teaching philosophy and goals, and a list of three references, who will not be contacted without applicant’s consent, as a single PDF document. The review of applications will begin April 1, 2016 but applications will be accepted and given full consideration until a suitable candidate is found.
For questions about the position, please contact, Dr. George Smith (smithge7@anr.msu.edu). For questions about the application process, please contact Ms. Angie Benney
517-432-4585, will2073@anr.msu.edu.

SSR Trainee Placement Service

Position announcements are now to be found on the SSR Trainee Placement Service

– please find them there
– please post your position there

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