The “Reprocases” project aims to collect case reports of diseases with a low incidence. Especially for diseases that we rarely see in practice and for which performing clinical research is challenging, it is difficult to base our work on reliable research data.

Reprocases is designed to collect your cases so that we all can learn from them in a long term view. 

Feel free to click here to see the most updated databases! If you are an active member of EVSSAR you can use the password of the Library section.

Case reports that are available so far are:

Ovarian cysts in the bitch

Reliable information concerning medical treatment of ovarian cysts in the bitch is scarce. Little is known about efficacy, side effects and prognosis regarding fertility. You are welcomed to use this opportunity and to click here  to enter your ovarian cyst cases and which treatment protocol you followed!

Cryptorchidism in the dog

Even if some information is available, we lack robust data regarding medical treatment of cryptorchidism. Some authors recommend the use of GnRh or hCG but there is little evidence on dosages and application intervals and outcomes. You are welcomed to use this opportunity and to click here to enter your feedback!

This is a chance for us to learn from one another!

How do you handle these cases in your practice? What are your treatment recommendations? Please use this opportunity and enter your cases including treatment protocol and outcome!

(Please note that the treatment recommendations provided in this survey are not scientifically proven; your personal experiences with active ingredients and dosages are most welcome!)