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Dear Breeders, our ReproVet Map may assist you to find your Repro Vet!

23rd EVSSAR Congress in a Joint Meeting with the 9th Quadrennial International Symposium on Canine and Feline Reproduction, Milan (I) – POSTPONED



The 9th Quadrennial INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON CANINE AND FELINE REPRODUCTION in a Joint Meeting with the XXIII European Veterinary Society for Small Animal Reproduction Congress will be held at Milan


Dear Colleagues,

The 2020 ISCFR/EVSSAR symposium will be postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The Local and International Organizing Committees in cooperation with EVSSAR, are monitoring the situation and will provide more details as they become known.  We appreciate your understanding and continued support of this Carnivore Symposium.

You can contact us for any questions: iscfr-evssar2020@mvcongressi.it

ISCFR-EVSSAR 2020 June 24th-27th, 2020 – Milan
Early fee registration deadline has been postponed to 30th April 2020.
Authors of the abstracts are kindly requested to register within 15th April 2020.
For further information please write to iscfr-evssar2020@mvcongressi.it

Registration is open!

List of suggested hotels!

For further details please visit the ISCFR-2020 webpage or click here

Questions about registering for the symposium should be directed to the Organizing Secretariat: iscfr-evssar2020@mvcongressi.it

Small animal reproduction EVSSAR course II, Hannover, Germany – POSTPONED

Dear colleagues, dear friends,

We are in the unpleasant position to inform you that the 2nd EVSSAR course planned to be held at Hanover, Germany (5-9 October 2020, Course master Prof. Sandra Goericke-Pesch), will be postponed for next year, because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Public health, your health, is our first priority!

The Local Organizing Committee and the Board are carefully monitoring the situation and will provide more details as they become known.  We appreciate your understanding and your continuing support of our society these difficult times.

Warm regards and please stay safe!

On behalf of the LOC, and the EVSSAR Board,

George Mantziaras


ACT conference 2020

The Society for Theriogenology and American College of Theriogenologists issue a call for research and case abstracts to be presented at the annual Therio Conference July 22 – 25, 2020 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Application deadline is February 1, 2020.

Please see the SFT website for the details for submission at the link below


New in the library

  • Proceedings of the 22nd EVSSAR Congress, Berlin, Germany, 2019
  • Newsletter September 2019
  • Selected papers June 2019

You are welcomed to visit the password protected area of the library!

New positions available at Vetsuisse Faculty,
University of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland

A postdoctoral position is available in the Group of Reproductive Biology of the Institute of Veterinary Anatomy.

A Research and Teaching Associate Position is available in the Institute of Veterinary Anatomy.

Please click here for details.

EVSSAR course, Reproduction in companion animals Part I, 2019, “Physiology and pathology in females and artificial insemination”

Τhe EVSSAR course “Small Animal Reproduction I”, took place at Wrocław, Poland, 7-11 October 2019! The course was once more successful, with 28 participants from 14 different countries, and perfectly organized by Prof. W. Nijanski and his excellent team!




Future EVSSAR Congresses

2020: Milan (IT), XXIII EVSSAR congress, as a joint meeting with the 9th Quadrennial ISCFR

2021: Nantes (FR), XXIV EVSSAR congress as a joint meeting with ESDAR

2022: Athens (GR), XXV EVSSAR congress

2023: Israel, XXVI EVSSAR congress

A New selection of papers (June 2019) is available for EVSSAR members in the Library

  • Gynaecology
  • Pregnancy/Parturition
  • Andrology
  • Neonatology/prenatology
  • Spermatology
  • Mammary physiology and pathology
  • Contraception
  • Biotechnology and Assisted Reproduction

FECAVA, FVE Position Paper on breeding healthy dogs: the effect of selective breeding on the health and welfare of dogs

EVSSAR, the largest Veterinary Society on small animal reproduction, plays a leading role in highlighting the impact of extreme breeding in dogs. Therefore, our Society, an associate member of FECAVA, supports the Position Paper launched in June 2018 by FVE/FECAVA on healthy Breeding!

 Reproduction in Domestic Animals Journal On-line!

EVSSAR members have full on-line access to all the Issues the Journal of Reproduction that are published from January 2018!

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