The EVSSAR organizes, post-graduate courses dedicated to companion animal reproduction.

Next EVSSAR Course I will be held in Wroclaw (Poland) 9th to 13th of October 2017. Course master is Prof. W. Nijanski. A list of topics that will be included can be seen here.

Previous courses, organised in collaboration with the European School for Advanced Veterinary Studies (ESAVS), were held in:

  • Giessen (Germany), September 2016 ( course master Profs.Sandra Goericke-Pesch)
  • Nantes (France), September 2015 (course master Prof.Dr.F.Fieni)
  • Giessen (Germany), September 2014 ( course master Profs.Sandra Goericke-Pesch and Axel Wehrend)
  • Nantes (France), September 2013 (course master Prof.Dr.F.Fieni)
  • Hunenberg (Switzerland) 20-24 September 2010 (course master Prof.Dr.D. Arnold)
  • Nantes (France), 31 August - 4 September 2009 (course master Prof.Dr.F.Fieni)
  • Milan (Italy), 15-19 September 2008 (course master Prof.Dr. G.C. Luvoni)
  • Zurich (Switzerland), 10-15 september 2007 (course master Prof.Susi Arnold)
  • Nantes (France), 2005 (course master Prof. F. Fieni)
  • Milan (Italy), 13-18 September 2004 (course master Prof.Dr. G.C. Luvoni)
  • Hannover (Germany), September 22-28, 2003 (course master Prof. Dr. A-R Günzel-Apel)
  • Nantes (France), September 16-21 2002 (course master Prof. F. Fieni)